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What Are the Options for Childless Couples from Spain to Growth Their Families through Surrogacy?

The infertility rate is increasing in every country due to varied reasons – some of them may be known; while others are unknown. It may happen to anyone to the couples. Ageing, excessive smoking or alcoholic products’ consumption, missing ovaries, blocked fallopian tubes, etc are some of the common issues – blocking the ways to pregnancy. A good number of couples in Spain are also facing the same issues and often seek the right alternatives to continue their journey for pregnancy. Surrogacy can be the best option for them, but not in Spain as the country’s regulations and laws are not in favor of this arrangement.

You will hardly find surrogacy clinic in Spain, but alternatives are available in the countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Kenya, and different others. Surrogacy in Spain is not legal, but can be an option for intended parents to get this process done in any other country, where this process is legal. Don’t forget to note that ethical surrogacy in Spain has been controversial. You are advised to consult with experts at a selected clinic to clear your doubts and know about varied things. By doing so, you will be able to get the right solutions and move on the right track of success to achieve your parenthood reward.

Search for the Top Alternatives of Surrogacy Clinic in Spain

As the country doesn’t allow this arrangement, it doesn’t mean no options are available for childless couples or local residents, who are still trying to grow their family. They have a better option to get this procedure done successfully in a nation, where it is legally allowed. Here are some of the countries, where you can get this procedure done successfully and without spending extra.

Georgia in Europe – the beautiful country is famous for its surrogacy programs – luring a good number of childless couples from across the world for successful arrangement. The interesting thing that often draws attention of intended parents from Spain and other nations is the cost – ranging from $40,000 to $45,000. In guaranteed programs, it can be around $55,000.

Ukraine – Recently the nation is facing the war issues with Russia. It has been the first option among intended parents to continue their journey because of the easy availability of healthy surrogates in the country, its environment, and above all low cost. The cost is far reasonable and will be around $45,000 that is not a big amount to pay to become the parent with a genetic connection.

Kenya – The beautiful African country is famous for its natural beauty, but also known for the surrogacy arrangement. Interesting thing is that you can carry donor eggs, sperms or embryo here to get the journey started with a surrogate to complete your family. The cost is far lower and will be in your budget. The intended parents can manage a surrogacy arrangement for around $30000 to $38000 inclusive of all related costs and expenses. Furthermore, the intended parents can also bring in their own sperm donors, egg donors, and embryos to the country.

Apart from the aforementioned countries, you can also choose Great Britain, Canada, Australia, or Russia to continue your journey. They can be the best alternatives for gestational surrogacy in Spain.

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