Surrogate mother in India

Searching for a surrogate mother in India? Check out the below tips!

Finding a surrogate mother in India is not as easy as it sounds like. While you got to take care for the pre-defined guidelines of the Indian government in the same regard, you further need to check for the surrogate’s medical history and background.

Still, if you want to make your journey a bit simpler and easier, go by these following tips while kick starting your search for the surrogate mother.

Check through the procedures to hire the services of a surrogate

As you start ahead with your search for surrogate, remember to connect with a reputed surrogacy agency in India. Most of the agencies and, fertility clinics and surrogacy centers keep a surrogate database. Moreover, the majority of them are female friends or relatives of the surrogate mothers. Still, while finalizing a surrogate mother, you need to take all the required precautions.

Verify that the surrogate is coming along with proper medical documents

The surrogate mother would play a crucial role in your during your journey related to surrogacy in India. Hence, every original document pertaining to a surrogate mother’s name, age, address, marital status, husband’s name, bank account, gestational parity, children, etc. must be provided as part of the documentation process. Additionally, her background should be checked beforehand.

Moreover, to be accepted by the surrogacy agency in India, a surrogate mother is required to pass through a list of tests and diagnosis. The use of hysteroscopy, ECG, and chest X-rays all aid in excluding any potential medical issues during the process.

Understanding legal issues

Being fully aware of India’s surrogacy laws is surely the first thing that an intended parent needs to think about. That said, you can learn about these laws more effectively from a lawyer who has experience with surrogacy-related issues.

Moreover, in the case of a surrogate, a lawyer personally explains the child’s rights, contractual obligations, and the consequences of breaking any clause in a language that she and her husband can both understand. To be precise, keeping everything in order at this stage is essential if you want to avoid future legal problems during surrogacy in India.

Surrogacy agency in India

Discuss the costs associated with surrogacy

You should look for a person or group at the surrogacy center who can explain the financial terms, payment schedule, incentive payables, and obligations related to surrogacy cost in India. Make sure the financial arrangement is fully explained to her at each stage and approved in a way that is agreeable to both parties.

Moreover, surrogacy cost in India depends on a list of factors like number of IVF cycles attempted, medicines cost, surrogate mother cost and so on.

Ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of the surrogate mother

Ensure that the surrogate mother is healthy in both physical and mental aspects. This way, you can ensure her dedication to the program, and any prior issues, as well as identify any mental disorders she may have experienced in the past.

Who can be a surrogate mother in India?

While it depends on one surrogacy agency in India to another, the standard criterion to be a surrogate mother in India is as follows:

  • Her age must strictly fall between 21 and 35 years bracket
  • She must be prepared to submit to tests and evaluations in the areas of physical, mental, and medical health.
  • She must genuinely want to assist infertile couples in becoming parents.
  • She must have previously had a child of her own.
  • She must be aware of the risks that addiction (to alcohol, tobacco, or smoking) poses to the unborn child and to the mother.
  • She has given birth in the past, ideally more than two years ago.
  • She needs to be prepared to sign any legal documents that outline the child’s legal parents’ rights.

Final words

It is always suggested to connect with a reputed surrogacy clinic in Mumbai , India or your choice of city. That way, you can always stay in right hands while getting along with your surrogacy journey.

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