Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst Culture

The blastocyst is usually a medical term that has been conveyed to the embryo developed during the IVF process after it goes ahead with the fertilization period of 5 to 6 days. You can also term them the advanced embryos that come with a better chance of implantation during the earlier stages. However, in order to let them reach this stage, the embryos are been provided with all the required support while getting developed and fertilized without any disturbance for a period of 5 days, to further turn into a blastocyst eventually.

The Embryos that have been transferred during the blastocyst stage have been known to boost the chances of pregnancy without pushing the rate of multiple pregnancies alongside. Within the past few years, numerous couples across the globe have got benefitted from the blastocyst culture method while undergoing the IVF treatment process.

Relevance of blastocysts in IVF

One of the key aspects of a blastocyst comes with its efficiency to reach a point where the future baby’s own genes eventually get triggered and carefully take over the rest of the fertilization process. This phenomenon is known as “genomic activation,” and simply due to genes being termed as the chemical codes that make us unique individuals, genomic activation can be deemed as the right element that helps a gene to transform into a unique individual right from the start of the conception process.

Benefits of  blastocyst culture

Blastocyst culture can enhance the overall conception chances for women undergoing IVF treatment and it can be said that the same outcome may not be achieved by an embryo. While the usual embryos get implanted during the 3rd day of the fertilization process, blastocyst gets carefully cultured until the 5th to 6th day of the same process. Well, this is right where it holds some real significance for all the couples that are going through IVF treatment and want to get the best outcome forward.

Blastocyst also helps in eliminating the risk of multiple births and that can very well said to be another added advantage of bringing it in use.

Blastocyst culture process

Step 1


At the start, both the couples would undergo a detailed  medical screening  and diagnosis as a part of pre-conception checkup. They will also interact with the embryologist as a part of the initial consultation in the same regards. The sperm of the male partner would then be tested and monitored on various parameters like quality, quantity, and movement of the sperm.

Step 2

Follicles Monitoring

During this process, the female partner would be recommended to intake certain fertility drugs by the physician and he or she will then  track and monitor the overall development of the follicles within her  ovaries via ultrasound. Basis of the growth of the follicles, the female partner would then be injected with the HCG injection (trigger) for ovulation.

Step 3

Sperm Retrieval

Right on the day when the insemination process would get through , the male partner’s sperm sample gets retrieved.

Step 4

Insemination process

Now, the same sperm is been washed and concentrated before being injected in the women’s uterus. Eventually, this would minimize the overall journey of the sperm in the whole process that can then boost their chances of conceiving.

Step 5

Prescription of fertility medicines

The female partner would then be prescribed with certain medicines in order to boost her chances of getting pregnant.

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