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Surrogacy in Dubai

Dubai is always been known as the Jewel of the Middle East and the city attracts thousands of visitors from various parts of the globe every year. Still, when it comes to all those International parents who are looking for the best surrogacy in Dubai, the city doesn’t have a legal framework in place for them and this is why surrogacy is banned here.

In fact, if you are found to be undertaking a surrogacy program or imposing any surrogacy cost in Dubai, it would be taken as a criminal offense and may lead to imprisonment for one year.

So, what are your alternatives for Surrogacy in Dubai, UAE?

Now, as you cannot seek a surrogacy process in Dubai, you can go ahead with the same in the following destinations as a substitute to the surrogacy cost in Dubai.


Surrogacy in Australia: Talking about Australia, just Altruistic (commercial surrogacy) is permitted inside the legal territories of the country, and the Intended parents are not permitted to put any kind of commercial advertisements in media or papers regarding the search for the surrogate mother. Moreover, various surrogacy-related techniques like surrogate matching and egg and sperm donations are not permitted inside the country. On the other side, there are still a few states that only allow local couples to get along with surrogacy programs. Moreover, You may need to pay an amount between $15,000 and $100,000 for surrogacy in Australia.


Surrogacy in Canada: Canada happens to be a country with the highest happiness index among all the countries in the world and you can surely take this as one of the biggest reasons for most International couples coming to this country to pursue Surrogacy. Moreover, only Commercial surrogacy is allowed for all International couples in the country and you may have to pay in between $85,000 CAD and $90,000 CAD for surrogacy costs in Canada.


Surrogacy in Kenya: Kenya can surely be quoted as a country with the most flexible legal framework in regard to surrogacy. In fact, it’s not just about the legal framework, and the couples can remain ensured of getting the best medical help on course to their respective surrogacy programs. The Country further allows couples to pick their preferred surrogacy program regardless of their sexual orientation. Moreover, after taking all things into consideration, Surrogacy in Kenya may cost you between $35,000 to $ 40,000.


Surrogacy in Ukraine: Surrogacy in Ukraine is just allowed to heterosexual couples in the country, be it the local residents or the International couples around. While the medical support and facilities are very good in the country, You may have to shell out $30,000 to  $45,000 for the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine. Now, this is where the country attracts numerous International couples from various parts of the globe.


Surrogacy in Georgia: Surrogacy in Georgia has been in regulation since 1997 and Georgia is out of many few countries that allow surrogacy in a country. This has made Georgia among the best alternative option for many countries to go for surrogacy. Being a global surrogacy centre it provides you with suitable medical facilities with no restrictions at all. Slowly Georgia has become a favorite surrogacy hub for couples. Low-cost surrogacy here attracts many couples to opt for the location for their services.

What factors must you consider before looking for a Surrogacy agency in UAE?

  • No matter which surrogacy clinic in Dubai you are going with, same must understand your needs and requirements before bringing the best and most feasible surrogacy program.
  • The surrogacy clinics in Dubai must be coming on board with all the required expertise and experience to serve you in the best manner possible.
  • The agency must also provide you with the option to choose your preferred program and plan in whatever country you would like to go with surrogacy in Dubai.
  • The agency must also bring all the required people and facilities like IVF clinics, legal counseling, and egg/sperm donation services to help you through your surrogacy journey.
  • The agency must also be ready to offer any type of support or clinical support required during the course of your surrogacy journey.
  • Moreover, the surrogacy center in Dubai must serve you with the customized surrogacy program which should go according to your available budget plan.
  • You must take a check of the past history and background of the surrogacy clinic in Dubai you are dealing with, in order to stay assured about their reputation and recognition.
  • The Agency must take care of the after surrogacy processes too like claiming and providing you with the rights of your baby with proper legal documents.
  • Surrogacy agency in Dubai dealing with your medical requirements and providing you with the best medical surrogacy in Dubai indulge with your whole surrogacy program.

“These factors are prior to keep in mind while going for a surrogacy program in any country with any Surrogacy agency.”

How can Become mother help you with the best and most affordable surrogacy program?

At Become Mother – Surrogacy in Dubai, UAE we are the best surrogacy and IVF consultants around the globe that are marching forward with all the necessary experience and aptitude in a similar area. Throughout the years, we have helped thousands of couples around the globe with the best medical support and guidance at every step of their surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy agency in Dubai

Benefits of Choosing Surrogacy with “Become Mother”

  • Quality Service
  • High Success Rate
  • Best in class medical facilities
  • Safe and Secured Surrogacy Services
  • A Good and cooperative surrogate mother
  • Protection among all the legal considering required for surrogacy process
  • Competitive and transparent surrogacy pricing
  • Independency and flexibility among decisions
  • Varieties of IVF services and solutions in every situation

We have further tied up with the best IVF clinics and surrogacy agency in Dubai and around the globe to help you with the best plan and program. Contact our customer support team to get a free consultation today!

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