Enrollment Process

At Become Mother, we are committed to helping all the International parents coming from across the globe while making them release their parenthood dreams in the process. At Become mother, we have got all the required knowledge and support to back you at your dreams of having your own child.

Still, before getting on board with us, the international parents have to go through the required enrollment process that is mentioned below.


Once you will get in touch with one of our customer support team members, you will be provided with a free consultation session on your surrogacy and IVF treatment requirements from one of our partner clinics. Once done, our experts will then analyze your specific case and comes on board with the required enrollment process based on the country you are opting for the surrogacy and IVF treatment at.


In order to ensure that the future baby comes out without any health and mental complications, we require both the Intended parents to go through a detailed list of tests and diagnoses. This is where we also ensure whether an egg or sperm donor is required in your specific case or not. This may include tests like PGD or PGS.


Besides all the other key requirements, the Intended parents also need to provide other requisites like Passport size photos, photocopies of their identifications, records, and documents confirming their specific medical situation, citizenship, and so on. The same documentation may differ according to the country or state you are looking for the Surrogacy process or IVF treatment.


The Intended parents are required to wait for about seven days after they have picked the surrogate mother as per their needs and preferences. It will also require them to wait for at least a month and a half to get their menstruation cycle synced with the Surrogate mother. Hence, the Intended parents must be patient enough to wait for that much time once they have been through with the selection of the surrogate mother.

Indian Egg Donor

Given that the Egg donor and the surrogate mother have been accessible to the Intended parents; it would take at least 3 months to test and diagnose the Egg Donor, match it with the surrogate mother and sync their menstruation cycles in the process.

Caucasian Egg Donor

In terms of a Caucasian Egg Donor, the donor needs to go through a detailed list of medicinal examinations, stay prepared for the IVF cycle, and get their visa/international ID arrangements sorted before landing in the given country. This way, the whole process would take some time and the Intended parents, along with the egg donor, must be ready for the same.

Given the abovementioned case scenario, it is always recommended that the Intended parents must seek the surrogate mother after the selection of the Caucasian egg donor.

Please Note:

The total duration of all the above-mentioned procedures solely depends on the legal framework and guidelines of the countries and states you are opting for IVF treatment and surrogacy process in. Hence, the Intended parents are requested to stay patient and calm while supporting us during the whole journey.

We have further tied up with the best IVF clinics and Surrogacy agencies in order to make it all as easy and convenient for you in the process. While our founder is a former IP himself, we assure you of providing all the required support and assistance during every step of your surrogacy journey.

If you want to know more about the whole process and ‘how we can help you with the best surrogacy plan’, contact one of our customer support team members today.