Travel and Accommodation

A Couple that is unable to conceive via natural ways is often pushed to look forward to options like surrogacy. Within the past few years, surrogacy has helped numerous couples across the globe in making them achieve their parenthood dreams without any major issues. Now, before you plan ahead for your surrogacy program, you have to think about all the related aspects like medical treatment, surrogacy agency, and other Key processes.

Well, if you are an International parent and looking forward to a surrogacy program in a different country, you have to plan your travel and accommodation in advance. Speaking about travel and accommodation, the same depends totally on the country you are looking forward to the surrogacy program. So, let’s say if you are opting for a surrogacy program in any Asian country, the cost to the same would be much lesser as compared to the same cost in the case of a European country.

How Become mother helps you in the same process?

At become mother, we have tied up with one of the best travel agents and hotels in countries like India, Kenya, Dubai, Mexico, USA, UK, Canada, Ukraine, Cambodia, and Australia, in order to facilitate your whole surrogacy journey without any hassles. We will further plan the whole program itinerary and schedule in the following manner.

Intended parents landing at the preferred surrogacy destination

Once the intended parents have landed on the specified definition, we will accommodate their pickup from the airport on arrival. While the intended parents are required to verify their International ID and Visa for the FRRO enlistment we advise them to get the same done in advance on the internet.

The intended parents will then get forward with the meeting at one of our offices. The same meeting will involve our head consultant and the representative of a partner surrogacy agency or IVF clinic.

A dedicated facilitator would be assigned to the intended parents to take care of all the requirements in terms of accommodation, medical treatment, and further procedures.

Getting connected with the fertility expert

Once the intended parents get through with the initial consultation, they will then be taken through a meeting with the infertility expert. This is where they get to indulge in a detailed conversation with the intended parents in regard to their medical history and expectations with the surrogacy program.

The intended parents will also be provided with the details of a detailed list of tests and diagnoses they are required to be through on the course of their surrogacy journey.

Besides all the above-mentioned aspects, the intended parents need to be careful about the following elements of their surrogacy journey in advance.


The intended parents will be provided with customized housing options as per their budget and they can select the appropriate accommodation option that suits best their needs. This is where they can select from a list of hotels, Lodges, inns, guest houses, and so on.

Foreign exchange

The intended parents would then be guided about the foreign exchange requirements by a consultant in advance and they do not be worried about it in any sort.

Treatment options

The Intended parents would be made familiar with the list of our partnered IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies along with the treatment options available there. Well, the details about the required treatment can only be ascertained after the initial consultation and tests.

Recovery process

The couple would then be guided about the required recovery time for the surrogate mother and the amount of time they need to spend in the same process.

Legal support

Here at become mother, we have got the best legal professionals on board to help you in the best manner possible during your IVF or surrogacy journey.