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IUI Treatment India

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is a process where the sperm retrieved from the male testes gets injected into the uterus of the woman undergoing the IVF treatment during the Ovulation phenomenon. The process is generally been used in specific cases where either or both of the partners are experiencing any sort of infertility issues and the female partner may be coming up with severe cervical mucus issues. The whole process is been taken into practice with some ovulation stimulation drugs recommended by fertility experts.

Now, before initiating the IUI process, the female partner has to be screened and diagnosed for any sort of hormonal imbalance, infections, and other issues. The same is been done in order to eliminate the risk of any kind of health complications during the pregnancy period.

IUI is highly recommended for women or couples who:

  • Experiencing mild male factor infertility issue involving low sperm counts or poor sperm quality
  • Going through unexplained infertility issues during the first line treatment
  • Are using a donor sperm for the IVF treatment
  • Haven’t witnessed much success with other fertility treatments
  • Have faced several difficulties during sexual intercourse (sexual dysfunction)
  • Having difficulties in their timing of the intercourse due to travel IUI and fertility medication

How IUI is practiced during the fertility treatment?

Timing of the IUI


IUI is generally been practiced during the Ovulation period of the women along with certain fertility drugs taken by her to further stimulate her ovaries during the IVF treatment process. Moreover, there are several studies in place that have confirmed the fact that conducting IUI  with certain other fertility drugs can highly improve the chances of conceiving for the couples undergoing the IVF treatment.



During the initial phase, the fertility expert or the patient itself is required to calculate the timings of the ovulation period via certain Ovulation predictor kits or fertility monitors. An ultrasound and/or hormone testing needs to be conducted for the female partner after the calculation of the ovulation period is done. There have been certain studies in the same regards that have ascertained that IUI can help couples to tackle through even the most unexplainable infertility issues.

Expected outcome of the IUI process


The IUI procedure generally takes 5-10 minutes and is highly similar to a gynecology exam. During this process, a speculum is placed to view the cervix and a soft catheter (tube) is conceded through the cervix right into the uterine cavity. This is where the sperm sample developed by our experienced team of andrologists then places through the catheter into the uterine cavity.

A mild cramping has been witnessed generally in rare cases after the completion of the process but that usually short lived and the patient can resume with their daily activities after getting through the process.

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IUI Treatment Process

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