Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia is legal and all the heterosexual couples who couldn’t afford surrogacy programs in UK and US often prefer this country for its ethical, yet affordable surrogacy plans.

In case you are a couple who is looking for the best surrogacy agency in Georgia Europe, you must know that each state in the country goes by its own guidelines and regulations in the same regard. This is where it is always been recommended that the intended parents must check through the state where they are looking for the surrogacy program along with the legal framework in practice.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Georgia?

Georgia doesn’t come along with any predefined surrogacy laws and all of its states have their own surrogacy laws and regulations set up for the surrogacy programs within their specific territories. This is where you always require an efficient and competent surrogacy agency to help you with the whole process.

On the other side, surrogacy programs in the country are only available for married or unmarried heterosexual couples. There is many best surrogacy centre in Georgia and Europe providing the best care facilities for surrogacy.

The process you must follow for Surrogacy in Georgia

Despite the fact that the surrogacy process for a specific couple would totally depend upon the particular needs and requirements of the intended parents, the surrogacy process in Georgia gets along in the following manner:

  • The Intended parents can search for a surrogate mother by means of informal communication via various public or social forums or with the help of a surrogacy clinics in Georgia, Europe.
  • Once the surrogate mother is been located, she, along with all the intended parents may need to go through a detailed list of tests and diagnoses to ascertain their mental and physical conditions.
  • After the screening process is thorough, a legal agreement should be drawn out between both parties with respect to all the disputes, responsibilities, terms, and conditions in regard to the surrogacy process in place.
  • Once the legal process is through, the embryo transfer process is been conducted via the IVF process, and the embryo is then been implanted into the womb of the surrogate mother with the best medical support and experts around.
  • After the pregnancy is been confirmed, the legal attorney then needs to file for the pre-birth custody or parentage orders for the future child, well before its birth.

Surrogacy cost in Georgia

Surrogacy cost in Georgia largely depends on the fact whether you are taking care of the whole process yourself or seeking the services of any surrogacy agency in the same regard. Now, if you are doing all the stuff yourself, the overall expenses would come around $60000 to $75000.

Now the thing is, even though it charges you less, it is not recommended for you to take care of the surrogacy process all by yourself, after looking into all the processes involved. So, while you have decided to go with a surrogacy agency in Georgia, you can manage a surrogacy program in between $75000 to $125000.While the cost may surge a bit, the whole process is been taken care of by the surrogacy agency. There are many agencies that provide low-cost surrogacy in Georgia, you need to first inspect all and then choose what is right for you.

What would be the benefits of opting for surrogacy in Georgia?

  1. The surrogacy program in Georgia is well supported by the legal framework in the country. Now this is where the country comes as a standout for surrogacy amongst rest of the Europe
  2. The country offers ethical and affordable surrogacy solutions to local and International couples without any biases or discrimination. Still, people must know that only heterosexual couples can opt for surrogacy here.
  3. Surrogacy cost in Georgia attracts many couples all around the globe and a couple can manage the surrogacy program for as low as $32,000. Now, this is where surrogacy in Georgia is a feasible option for couples across the globe.
  4. Even though surrogate mothers in Georgia comes from lower-class background, they live in clean and tidy surroundings
  5. You can easily find Caucasian egg donors in Georgia. The surrogacy agency in Georgia can also offer you all the required details of the egg donors, and their photos, along with the details of other physical characteristics, family history, medical history, education, and occupations.
  6. Genetic testing is permitted along with the IVF cycle, but still not for gender selection purposes.
  7. A marriage certificate of couples is not required until the birth of the baby and they are also not required to justify their reasons for opting for a surrogacy program.
  8. Foreign couples need not travel to Georgia in order to sign a surrogacy agreement. All they need to do is simply mark a mail to the respective Power of Authority or the surrogacy agency staff to sign the agreement on their behalf. Not only this can save them some good time, but all the money and effort put into the logistics.

Why Become mother is best for surrogacy needs?

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It doesn’t matter you are looking for surrogacy or some other country, here at ‘become mother’; we will be right there by your side at every step during your surrogacy journey. With surrogacy clinics in Georgia being one of the most eminent Surrogacy and IBF consultants around the world, we have ensured our outreach to countries like India, Kenya, Georgia, Ukraine, Thailand, UK, USA, Canada, and Cambodia. This is where we have helped more than thousands of couples across the globe on their way to achieving their parenthood dreams.

How to proceed further with “Become Mother” surrogacy service?

  • Give A Call Back: Just click on the left corner for us to contact you by providing minor details of yours including your name, email id, and a little message which concludes your availability on time, and rest leave upon us.
  • Discuss with Experts: Share your problems you are facing and concerns about your requirements with become mother experts who will help you guide towards the matching requirements and what is best for you.
  • Line of Options: According to your requirements in respect of your budget, location, and medical facility our experts will provide you with the list of best surrogacy clinics in Georgia.
  • Pick One Option: You’ll have to choose the one out of the given options to go for your surrogacy whichever is matching your requirements.
  • Plan Travel: Further steps will be taken by us to ensure your comfort and secured travel to an opted country with all the legal documents required in a journey.
  • Surrogacy Legalities: Our surrogacy team will take care of your rights during surrogacy like the documents ensuring your baby after the surrogacy process and an agreement between you and the surrogate mother just be more safe and specific with our quality of service.
  • Surrogacy Process: After all the formalities are done, now comes the surrogacy process you’ll go under which is the most important part of the process. Check out more about our surrogacy process here.
  • Ensuring Baby Reaches Home: The last step where you’ll be provided with all the power and your rights on your baby and our team ensures that you’ll get the parenthood you have been promised.

Call us on the given number or simply leave your details in the given form and one of our customer support executives will get in touch with you in due time.

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