surrogacy in kenya

Why Should Intended Parents Looks for Surrogacy Agency in Kenya to Grow Their Families

High cost, unexpected restrictions by the respective government or local authorities, a lengthy process that starts from egg donor or sperm donor selection to find a surrogate and then completing the formalities of birth certificate with the name of intended parents, surrogacy is truly a lengthy process that needs something more than what you have expected and a step-by-step process that may require more money, time, and legal formalities to complete. For intended parents from across the world, search never ends for the right destination, where they can stay away from everything and pay extra to get the procedure completed. If you are one of them looking for the right options to fulfill your desire of growing your family through this ART form with the help of third person, you will have some better options to fulfill your requirement by visiting a selected and recognized surrogacy agency in Kenya.

Kenya Is Becoming a Popular Destination for Successful Surrogacy Programs

The beautiful African country is known for its natural beauty that you can see in varied forms like wildlife and national parks, mountain ranges, and serenity. In the last few years, Kenya has been gaining momentum amid childless couples for offering successful arrangement for IVF surrogacy in Kenya.

The African country has been becoming a popular destination because of not coming over with any specified legal framework and regulations. However, it allows every citizen – local or foreigner, a right to form a family within the ethics of the Kenyan culture and society. This is the main reason, thousands of couples are visiting different agencies or clinics in Kenya to continue their journey of becoming parent. For couples from across the world, it is must to know that Kenya is a homophobic country. In this way, you really have to be careful and follow the specified precautionary measures at the time of pursuing surrogacy in the country being an LGBT Couple.

surrogacy in kenya

Know About the Surrogacy Cost in Kenya

Surrogacy cost in Kenya is the main thing that makes a difference and often persuades foreigner childless couples to move here for their journey to become parent. The cost will be almost half or even lesser than what you pay in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada or even anywhere else.

The cost-effective surrogacy programs can certainly be quoted as the main reason behind the affordable cost. Speaking of the surrogacy cost in Kenya, the intended parents can manage a surrogacy arrangement for around $30,000 to $35,000 – inclusive of all related costs and expenses. The intended parents can also bring in their own sperm donors, egg donors, and embryos to the country.

Find a Recognized Surrogacy Agency

You have to search for the top surrogacy agency in Kenya to get the entire process completed successfully. Become Mother is a recognized name moving steps further and providing you with the right ways of complete your journey to become happy parents through a program that is entirely depend on a third person. A surrogate is selected after proper screening so that the healthy baby’s birth can be confirmed. Choose the right plan of your choice, join counseling sessions and give your approval for the procedure to start.

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