Egg Donation ProcessEgg Donation

Although IVF has appeared to be one of the most sought after treatment options for all the couples struggling with infertility issues, there are people and more precisely, the women, who generally prefer egg donation services due to their own random reasons.

Well, the same reason could be anything from an infertility issue to a career prospect or a busy life schedule that is not allowing them to carry a child. Moreover, once you have made up your mind in regards to the Egg donation process, you are required to find a relevant donor that can help you in the same process.

There are couples who look forward to finding an egg donor all by themselves and there are few others who seek the services of an Egg donor agency or a surrogacy agency to take care of the whole task altogether.

Significance of going with Egg donation services

Egg donation services hold significance for all the women that are going through random infertility issues like:

  • diminished ovarian reserve
  • Premature menopause issues
  • Where the intended parents are carrying along with a specific Health issue and don’t want to pass it forward to their future child.
  • Women that are aged beyond 40 years

Egg Donation Process

  • The egg donor is firstly injected with certain hormone injections n order to trigger ovulation of multiple eggs. Naturally, women release only one egg /month and the same injections would help them to get a large number of eggs getting matured at the same time. Once the same eggs are matured and ready for retrieval process, the fertility doctor schedules the whole process
  • The egg donor is then been put under observation and her doctor would then use an ultrasound-guided needle to be inserted into each of the matured follicles to retrieve the same eggs. The fertility specialist would then try to fertilize several eggs in a laboratory while using the recipient’s partner’s sperm or even selected donor sperm with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF).
  • An embryo (fertilized egg) is now been implanted into the uterus of the women under observation
  • When it comes to a Fresh transfer cycle, both the donor and the recipient’s cycles are synchronized with the help of certain fertility medications.
  • During frozen embryo transfer, the embryos are first frozen and then been transferred to the uterus of the recipient at a scheduled time.

After successful implantation, the recipient can then be discharged whilst been recommended with the required precautions before the pregnancy test that can be conducted after two weeks.

Why Become a mother is best for egg donation services?

Egg Donation CostAt Become mother, we not only come with the right expertise and experience in bringing the best Egg donors around but further allow you to check and verify the same egg donor profiles without any issues. While we understand that you really want to be sure of the Egg donation services along with the donor, we always ensure checking the background and health parameters before bringing them onboard.

 All the egg donors in our records are duly screened and tested on all the important aspects like their character, backdrop, and aptitude. Being the pioneers of the IVF and Surrogacy domain, we always ensure keeping the best Egg donor profiles that come over without any health or psychological issues.

Moreover, we have further tied up with some of the best IVF and Surrogacy agencies around the world to bring you only the best services forward at every step of your surrogacy or IVF journey.

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