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Surrogacy in Australia is subjected to the specific rules and guidelines of the respective states in Australia and the couples must check this through before getting started.

Surrogacy in Australia is been administered at the state level and all the states come with their own set of rules and guidelines in regard to surrogacy programs allowed within their legal territories. Now, this is where the intended parents are required to do all the research in the same regard before getting on board with any best surrogacy agency in Australia, and surrogacy costs in Australia may in between $15,000 to over $100,000.

Is Surrogacy legal in Australia?

Yes, surrogacy is legal in Australia but every state has its own specific rules and guidelines to manage and monitor all the surrogacy programs within their legal boundaries. Besides having a separate legal framework, all of these states follow the same set of basic principles as mentioned below.

  • Before opting for a surrogacy program, the couples have to prove that they cannot conceive or carry the baby themselves and further furnish all the required documents in the same regard (not applicable for a few states).
  • the surrogate mother carries all the rights to check through her health and well-being during the surrogacy programs and is free to make decisions in the same regard, irrespective of the agreement signed with the intended parents.
  • commercial surrogacy is illegal in all of the states in Australia and the surrogate mother cannot be paid to carry the baby for someone else.
  • Only altruistic surrogacy is legal in all states and the intended parents are required to cover all the expenses incurred by the surrogate mother including the pregnancy, birth, and additional medical expenses.
  • Once the baby is born, it will be registered in the state of birth with the surrogate mother and her partner listed as the legal parents of the baby. The intended parents are then required to file for the child’s custody to the court and this is how they can become the legal parents of the born child.

You can refer the below table to get a better idea about the surrogacy laws in Different states in Australia

Surrogacy laws in Different states in Australia

How much does surrogate mother costs in Australia?

Surrogacy is altruistic in Australia which means there’s a law that states that commercial surrogacy isn’t allowed in Australia. Surrogate mother can’t be paid any charge or any compensation towards the surrogacy she carries, only thing which is allowed is just the intended parents should bear all the expenses  a surrogate mother incurs while raising a baby in her womb until the his or her birth.

Yes, you do might have questions about what if they ask for the payment under the table but as having a relationship with hundreds of surrogates we can assure you that all the surrogates mother are very generous and kind as they respect the feeling of being a mother but still in case you encounter somewhere that surrogate demanding for extra money you can legally have a talk with her and can sue her if needed.

Is surrogacy for same-sex parents allowed in Australia?

As we just mentioned that surrogacy laws are different with every state in Australia, only states and cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales allows surrogacy for same-sex parents within their legal territories. Moreover, commercial surrogacy is still not allowed within the state and the surrogate mother cannot get paid with any extra compensation for the surrogacy services given to the intended parents..

How to get started with the surrogacy process in Australia?

Search for the surrogate mother in Australia

The couples are not allowed to search for the surrogate mother in Australia via advertising or other modes and they can only look for it with the help of their connections or various social media platforms. Moreover, the couples must also verify the personal details and background of the surrogate mother before bringing her on board for the surrogacy program. Now, this is where getting along with surrogacy clinics in Australia is highly recommended.

Screening and testing of the surrogate mother

As per the legal guidelines placed down by most of the states in Australia, the surrogate mother is required to be screened and tested for any kind of physical or psychological issues that can hamper the future growth and wellbeing of the coming child. This is where you must hire a surrogacy agency in Australia for the same purpose. Now even if you are not, check down the surrogate mother in the following aspects

  • Surrogate mother must have carried a child successfully in the past, without any health complications.
  • She must not be coming with any health or psychological issues.
  • She must be carrying the ideal height and weight.
  • She must be ready to go through the detailed surrogacy process, along with various test and diagnosis.
  • Her family must be in full support of her decision to carry the child for the intended parents.

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