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Is Surrogacy Allowed in Australia for LGBT or Same-Sex Couples?

Surrogacy laws are different in every state of the continent. Some states and cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales allow surrogacy for LGBT in Australia or for same-sex couples within their legal territories. Commercial arrangement for this procedure is still not allowed with the state and surrogate mother cannot get paid with any extra compensation for the surrogacy services given to the intended parents.

What Is the Status if Surrogacy in Australia?

According to a selected and the best surrogacy agency in Australia like Become Mother, this process is legal in continent. However, different states have their own specific rules and guidelines to manage and monitor all the programs within their legal boundaries. They have separate legal framework, but they all follow the same set of basic principles. Some of them are the given below:

  • The couples are required to prove that they cannot conceive or unable to carry the baby themselves.
  • They also need to provide all the required documents in the same regards.
  • Don’t forget to note that it is not applicable for few states.
  • A surrogate carries the rights to revise her health and wellbeing for the duration of the program.
  • She is also free to make decisions in the same regards, irrespective of the agreement signed with the intended parents.
  • Commercialization is not allowed as it is illegal in all of the states in Australia.
  • A surrogate cannot be paid for pregnancy for someone else.
  • According to the regulations, altruistic surrogacy is legal in all of the states.
  • The intended parents are required to cover all the expenses incurred by the surrogate like pregnancy, birth, and additional medical expenses.
  • Baby will be registered in the state of birth with the surrogacy and parents listed as the legal parents.
  • The procedure is completed as soon as the baby is born.
  • Intended parents are required to file for the child custody to the court. In this way, they will be legal parents of the child.

surrogacy in australia

Surrogacy Cost in Australia – It May Vary according to the Number of Attempts and Other Circumstances

Before you step in the process, it will be better to know about the surrogacy cost in Australia that may vary from one state to another and type of arrangement. Number of attempts, IVF procedure, embryo development, selection of a donor (if required), hospital stay, gynecologist fee, treatment for nine months, delivery, and compensation for the surrogate are some of the expenses that are bundled together to provide you with attractive packages and plans. Choose the best one of your choice, go through the details, join the counseling session, and then give your approval to continue the journey of successful pregnancy and birth of a child.

You are advised to consult with experts at a selected agency and get the right solutions for your queries. They provide you with the best solutions and ensure you will get a better option to move on the right track of success to grow your family.

Become Mother Solves Your Queries about Surrogacy

Become Mother is a one stop trusted agency, where experts are working dedicatedly to guide you and provide you with a way to grow your family. They have been working in collaboration with some of the recognized clinics in states, where this arrangement is legally allowed. You have to give a call or fill in online query form to get the right solutions for your queries.

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