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If a couple has decided to go for a surrogacy program but either of them is coping up with certain infertility issues, chances are that they might require bringing an egg donor or Sperm donor on board. An egg donor or sperm donor is someone who willingly donates their sperm or eggs to the intended couples in order to let them conceive via IVF treatment during a surrogacy program.

Now, when it comes to becoming an Egg donor or sperm donor, the person has to qualify through a certain criterion.

Criterion to become an Egg donor

  • The person must be aged between 21-28 years
  • She must not be having any issues with her menstruation cycle
  • She must also not be coming with any sort of physical or mental disorders
  • Her BMI (Body mass index) must be less than 28
  • The person must not be coming with any kind of addiction to any kind of drugs or smoking
  • The women must also not be getting along with any Depo-Provera shot course
  • She must also not be using any Implanon/Nexplanon arm implant
  • The women must be comfortable enough to go through a detailed list of medical and psychological diagnosis and tests
  • She must also be comfortable going along with any kind of injectable medication when and wherever required
  • Shall be comfortable with the overall egg donations process and its duration
  • Must be willing to donate her eggs to the intended parents without any extra stress or pressure

Criterion to become a Sperm donor

  • The Person who is looking to become a Sperm donor must be aged between 18 and 41
  • He must also not be coming with any sort of pre- existing medical issues like sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • The Person shall not be coming along with any sort of physical or mental disability
  • He must be getting along a healthy dietary routine and lifestyle
  • The person must not be infected from any kind of inherited physical and mental condition
  • He must also not be carrying through any chronic illness or disease
  • The Person must be comfortable to get along with the entire sperm donations process while also furnishing every required personal or medical details in process.
  • The person shall be comfortable with his recognition as a sperm donor once the future child gets 18 years old (subject to the terms of agreement)

Benefits of hiring Egg and sperm donors

  • It helps couples who are not bee able to conceive via natural means due to any sort of infertility issues
  • Couples that have opted for surrogacy process but couldn’t use their own sperm or eggs due to random issues can opt for Egg and Sperm donation
  • Women that are coming with certain unexplained infertility issues can get benefited with Egg donation
  • Men who are facing issues like low sperm count, low sperm motility issue can take the benefits of Sperm donation

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