Surrogacy in UK

Surrogacy in UK is quite complicated due to the existing laws but is still highly preferred by the International couples due to the European standards that are pre-existent in every related aspect associated.

Surrogacy in UK is legal while being subject to certain laws and guidelines placed down by the ministry of health and justice and the country expects everyone from the local citizen to the International parents to go by the same while seeking any surrogacy program in UK.

Is Surrogacy legal in Uk ?

Yes, but only altruistic surrogacy is legal in UK and that is also subjected to certain laws and regulations. It means that the surrogate mother cannot carry the child for monetary benefits and the Intended parents would only be covering all of her expenses in regards to her health, wellbeing and medical care during the surrogacy period.

As per the UK laws, Surrogacy is an act by the surrogate mother to carry a child for the intended parents, where the intended parents are incapable of carrying child themselves due to certain random reasons.

Even though the reasons could be many, surrogacy is still been pursued by the intended parents due to the following main reasons:

  • A recurring miscarriage,
  • Any deformity or total absence of the uterus,
  • Inability to achieve pregnancy even after multiple IVF treatments
  • Inexplicable Infertility issues
  • Premature menopause issues
  • Any other issues that is hampering their abilities to conceive

The current legal framework in the UK recommends that the surrogate mother will be the legal parent of the born child even if she doesn’t come with any biological connection with the future child.

On the other side, if the surrogate mother appears to be a married woman, her husband would be deemed as the legal father of the future child.

This is where the Intended parents need to file for the custody of the future child and they further require the mutual consent of the surrogate mother and her husband in the same regards.

Also, putting advertisement hoardings and banners in search of the surrogate mother is also not allowed in the country. Well, this is where the Intended parents must hire the best surrogacy agency in UK

Additionally, the courts in the country would be the final decision-makers in case there is a dispute or disagreement between the intended parents and the surrogate mother in regard to the custody of the future child.

Surrogacy cost in UK

Speaking of the surrogacy cost in UK (England, Scotland, and Wales), it totally depends on the mutually agreed arrangement between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. Therefore, if you are an International parent who is looking for a surrogate mother by yourself, You may have to pay an amount in between GBP 50000 and GBP 60000 as a cost of surrogacy  in UK. This surrogacy cost in UK would be exclusive of the legal fees that need to be paid to the legal attorney and the court while filing for the legal custody of the child after his Birth.

Moreover, the same cost can even go higher in case the intended parents opt for an egg donor or a sperm donor to help them in their surrogacy journey.

Now, while there are people who often opt for the search of the surrogate by themselves due to low cost, it is always recommended to hire a best surrogacy agency in UK for the same reason. This is because of the following factors:

  • As putting advertisements for a surrogate mother is not allowed in the country, a surrogacy agency can help you find the same
  • They will also help you in screening and matching of the surrogate before bringing her on board
  • The whole process of Embryo transfer would be taken care of by the surrogacy agency only
  • The surrogacy centre in UK will also be helping you with a legal attorney to take care of the whole filing process for the custody of the child.

Gay surrogacy in UK

As per the recent amendments in UK surrogacy laws, even single people or parents are now eligible to form a family via surrogacy in the UK. They are also been provided with the same rights as couples and can also become a legal parents of the born child in due course of the surrogacy journey.

Still, the cost of Gay surrogacy is slightly more in the UK in comparison to heterosexual couples, as being same-sex couples; you may require an egg donor or sperm donor into your surrogacy arrangement. Also, the legal cost would be a bit higher as well.

Still, the only issue here is the long waiting list to find the surrogate mothers locally and this is where most of the International couples often get diverted to other countries in their pursuance of surrogacy plan.

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