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Surrogacy Cost in India

Once a couple has made up their mind in regard to pursuing a surrogacy arrangement, the first thing that they need to consider is the cost of surrogacy. Now, it all depends on the country you are looking for a surrogacy program, along with other charges like the cost of a surrogate mother, cost of IVF, legal fees, and other key aspects.

Surrogacy in the USA

 If we talk about the USA, the average cost of surrogacy comes in between $90,000 to $130,000 depending on the type of arrangement you have looked for. When it comes to a state like California where the surrogate mother comes in high demand, the same cost can surge further. Moreover, you can add up the legal fees and cost of other services to the same.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

 Ukraine comes are one of the most sought after surrogacy destinations and the cost of surrogacy here would come around  $30,000 and $45,000 for foreign parents. The same cost, however, would go a bit lower for the local couples and they can pursue a surrogacy program with $10,000 to $15,000 remitting back to the surrogate mother.

 Surrogacy in the UK

The cost of Surrogacy in the UK may come around between £50,000 (about $65,000 USD) depending on the overall cost of the IVF clinic and the surrogate mother. The same cost further depends on other charges like the legal fees for attorney and charges paid for the accommodation and logistics for the surrogate mother.

Surrogacy in Australia

Talking about Australia, the country only allows Altruistic (commercial surrogacy) and the intended parents are not permitted to place advertisements regarding the search of the surrogate. Moreover, the surrogate matching process and eggs and sperms donations process are not permitted in the country. Besides few states, only a few of the local citizens are allowed to seek the surrogacy programs within the country with the overall cost of the same coming in between $50000-$60000.

Surrogacy in Canada

Canada has made its own special place amongst all the other countries around with the best happiness quotient and the most affordable surrogacy programs to all the intended parents. Moreover, only Commercial surrogacy is allowed in the country to the International parents and the cost to the same would come around $90000.

Surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya is for sure, that one country that doesn’t come with any legal guidelines and regulations regarding surrogacy and still appears to be as a favorite amongst all the other destinations for surrogacy. Even though the country is a bit suspicious regarding same-sex parenting, it is still one of the best countries to seek surrogacy programs, with some appreciable quality of medical services.  Moreover, the country allows any couple or person to look for a surrogacy arrangement irrespective of their sexual orientation and the cost for a surrogacy program in Kenya will come around $40000 to $50000

Surrogacy in India

As far as India is concerned, surrogacy is only allowed for local couples that are been married for more than 5 years with proven in capabilities to deliver a child. International parents are not allowed to seek a surrogacy program here due to the recent Surrogacy bill passed by the Indian government. Talking about cost, a surrogacy program would cost a couple here in between $20,000 and $30,000.

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