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Surrogacy in Cambodia

Surrogacy is Cambodia is not permitted by the rule of law put down by the local authorities and governments. Hence, you got to go by the other best available destinations in the same regards.

Surrogacy in Cambodia is banned as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Justice in the year 2016. This is where all the authorities and medical centers have been advised to execute the same ruling as strictly as possible. Although ART and other infertility treatments have been exempted from the same ruling, surrogacy has been completely banned within the legal territories of the country.

Now as you cannot pursue surrogacy in Cambodia, you have to look forward to other alternative destinations in the same regard.


Only altruistic surrogacy is permitted within the legal territories of the country and the intended parents are not permitted to put any kind of advertisement in regards to the search of the surrogate mother. Moreover, various surrogacies related procedures like egg donation and sperm donation are also not allowed within the legal territories of the country. Still, there are few States in Australia that allow only the local couples to pursue surrogacy within their geographical boundaries. Speaking about the total cost of surrogacy in Australia, it will come around in between $50,000 to $60,000.


Canada has made its place in the elite list of countries that have got the highest happiness index across the globe. Now, this is the reason why most of the international parents come over to this country to pursue their surrogacy aspirations. Besides the highly rated Medical System and fertility centers, the country is known for some high-quality surrogate mothers. Well if we talk about the cost of surrogacy in Canada, that will come in between $80,000 to $90000.


Speaking about Kenya, the country has proved itself as the preferred choice of most of the international couples from around the world. Even though gay surrogacy has been looked with doubtful Eyes by many religious leaders and forums in the country, there hasn’t been any case till now where this has proved to be a barrier for anyone looking to pursue surrogacy in Kenya. Kenya doesn’t have any legislation in regards to surrogacy but it still allows every person to form a family irrespective of their sexual orientation. While the Medical Services are quite good, the cost of surrogacy in Kenya would come around in between 40000 dollars to 50000 dollars.


No matter if it’s the local citizens or the International couples, Ukraine only allows heterosexual couples to pursue surrogacy within its legal territories. Speaking of the Medical Services and facilities, they are on par with the rest of the world and this is why the country attracts thousands of couples every year coming over, in order to realize their parenthood dreams.

So, what points you must ponder about before looking for the best surrogacy agency?
  • The surrogacy agency you are dealing with must firstly observe and analyze your specific needs and requirements in regards to the surrogacy plan they are offering
  • The fertility doctor or specialist you are dealing with must come along with all the right experience and expertise to support your specific case
  • The surrogacy agency must be carrying all the experience to tackle through your needs and requirements of surrogacy in your preferred surrogacy destination
  • The surrogacy agency must have tied up with various IVF centers and egg Donor/ sperm donor agencies in the respective country
  • They must also be well aware of the legal formalities and guidelines to be followed during the surrogacy program in the given country.
  • The surrogacy agency shall be providing the couples with all the required support and assistance during their surrogacy journey in the given country.
  • They must also provide the couples with the most ethical and affordable surrogacy plan as per their budget requirements
  • The surrogacy agency must be coming with a sound reputation and proven history to back their service quality and delivery

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