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Surrogacy in Georgia: Why this European country is attracting thousands of medical tourists every year?

Surrogacy in Georgia has attracted thousands of medical tourists over the past few years given to its low cost surrogacy options perfectly supported by the high quality medical care. Still, being an intended parent, you must always do your own research and analysis before taking a step forward.

While this knowledge may help you in getting the most out of your surrogacy journey in the country, it will also let you take care of all the legal hassles and complications at the same time. Moreover, dealing with a reputed surrogacy agency or surrogacy centre in Georgia can make a lot of things easier for you.

Regardless, read these below mentioned facts and elements regarding surrogacy for heterosexual couples and surrogacy for gay couples in Georgia. This way, you can always stay updated about every single fact and component of your surrogacy journey in the country.

Surrogacy for gay couples Georgia

Is surrogacy for gay couples in Georgia legal ?

Unfortunately, surrogacy for gay couples in Georgia is prohibited given the laws and regulations in the country. Therefore, if you’re looking for surrogacy for single people in Georgia or surrogacy for gay couples, you might need to consider choosing other destinations. In Georgia, the surrogate is also not permitted to use her own eggs when performing a surrogacy. You will therefore require a donor egg or embryos in order to start with the help of a surrogacy centre in Georgia.

Besides, you’ll also need to provide a medical justification for the arrangement, which you can prove in your application if you’ve tried unsuccessful reproductive treatments or have been given a diagnosis that makes pregnancy or childbirth dangerous.

Who is eligible to use a surrogate in Georgia?

In Georgia, there are a few requirements before considering surrogacy. Additionally, you will need proof of a long-term relationship, such as a marriage certificate, joint bank accounts, or utility bills, to demonstrate that you live with your spouse or partner. An apostille must be used to authenticate these documents.

The intended parents will benefit from having a birth certificate created in their names, and Georgia law does not grant the surrogate any parental rights. The process will become secure and binding on the law by doing this.

Even if you are returning home, you should seek immigration advice on the best way to leave Georgia because it will depend on your eligibility and the particulars of your departure. So it’s highly advised to deal with surrogacy clinics when dealing with surrogacy in Georgia.

Georgia’s surrogacy laws: Important things to remember!

The surrogacy clinics should conduct background checks on the surrogates in advance. For this reason, a doctor’s signature is required before they can continue with the procedure. You have the option to request specific types of checks be made on your behalf by the service provider of your choice.

You must also take a call on surrogacy cost in Georgia. While the cost is way lower than other European countries, you still have to pay some good amount towards surrogate care, medications, agency fees and other related expenses.

Hence, budgeting may be required in regards to surrogacy cost beforehand. Moreover, understanding health insurance is crucial when traveling to many different countries, not only for you and your travel companion but also for your unborn child in the event that they ever need medical attention. Legally, surrogate mothers are not entitled to any of the expenses associated with childbirth.

Final words

Intended parents must stay aware of every legal complication in regards to surrogacy in Georgia. They must know that the surrogate must sign a legally binding contract in front of a notary in order to move forward with them.

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