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Even though Thailand has appeared to be one of the most sought after surrogacy destination for International couples around, the country has limited its Surrogacy provisions to its local citizens only.

Surrogacy ban in Thailand

It isn’t like that surrogacy is completely banned in Thailand and all of the married heterosexual Thai couples are still permitted to seek surrogacy programs in the country as usual. Moreover, one of the couples who is seeking the surrogacy arrangement shall be a Thai national and the couples are required to be married for at least three years. Moreover, single parents and same-sex parents aren’t permitted to pursue any kind of surrogacy arrangement in the country.

Additionally, the surrogate mother is required to be the sibling of one of the partners who is seeking surrogacy arrangement and she must also be married while having at least one kid in the family. On the other side, the surrogate mother is required to seek the permission of her husband in order to get along with the same surrogacy process.

What are your best alternatives for Surrogacy in Thailand?

If you are coming over as an International couple who is looking forward to the best surrogacy program in Thailand, you can’t really pursue the same due to an existing ban on surrogacy within the country. Now, this is where you can go ahead with other options like Surrogacy in Kenya or surrogacy in Ukraine within the same context.

Surrogacy in Kenya: Surrogacy in Kenya is quite cheaper and affordable for all the International parents in the country. Moreover, the couples are permitted to send the frozen embryos or sperms if they cannot travel to the country due to any random reasons. On the other side, the quality of medical services here is on par with the world around so it can definitely be termed as one of the best Surrogacy destinations around. Speaking on the cost factor, Surrogacy in Kenya would make you pay somewhere in between $35,000 to $ 40,000.

Surrogacy in Ukraine: Ukraine comes as one of the only countries that permit the surrogacy programs assisted by various ART services like IVF and IUI. Moreover, the legal framework in the country confirms that if a child has taken birth from a surrogate via IVF or any other ART services, the same would belong to the Intended Parents and their names will be mentioned on the birth certificate of the future child.

On the other side, medical facilities and fertility doctors are of good quality and you may have to pay in between $30,000 to $45,000 for cost of surrogacy in Ukraine.

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