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Surrogacy cost in SpainSurrogacy is currently banned in Spain and every International couple who is looking for a surrogacy program in Spain must look for an alternate option in the same regards. So, if you are a couple who is looking for the best surrogacy program in Spain, we, at ‘Become mother’ is always by your side with the best alternative countries in the same context.

Alternative surrogacy destinations for couples seeking Surrogacy in Spain


Talking about Australia, only Altruistic (Commercial Surrogacy) is allowed inside the legal territories of the nation, and the Intended parents are not allowed to place promotions or notification in media or papers with respect to the inquiry of the surrogate mother. On the opposite side, different surrogacy related procedures like surrogate matching and eggs and sperms donation are not allowed inside the country. But there are still few of the states that only allow the local couples to pursue surrogacy within their geographical boundaries. Additionally, You may need to pay an amount in between $15,000 and $100,000 for surrogacy in Australia.


Canada happens to be a nation with the highest happiness index amongst the rest of the countries and you can unquestionably cite this as one of the biggest reasons for most of the International couple opting for Surrogacy in Canada. Moreover, only Commercial surrogacy is permitted for all the International couples in the nation and Surrogacy in Canada will make you pay somewhere in between $85,000 CAD and $90,000 CAD.


Kenya can certainly be deemed as a country with the most ethical and affordable surrogacy programs in the world around. Indeed, it’s not just about the expense and the couples can remain guaranteed of getting the best medical support during their surrogacy journey at most affordable rates. The Country further permits the couples to choose their preferred surrogacy program irrespective of their sexual orientations. Moreover, after considering all the other expenses, Surrogacy in Kenya may cost you in between $35,000 to $ 40,000.


Surrogacy in Ukraine is only permitted for heterosexual couples in the country, be it the local citizens or the International couples around. While the medical facilities and support are quite good in the country, You may have to shell out $30,000 to  $45,000 for cost of surrogacy in Ukraine. Now, this is where the country attracts numerous International couples each year from various parts of the globe.

Factors to consider before getting onboard with a surrogacy agency

  • No matter which surrogacy agency you are going with, same must analyze your needs and requirements and then come over with the most feasible and affordable solution
  • The medical specialist you are dealing with must also come with all the necessary experience and skills in a similar field
  • The agency should likewise have the option to manage the surrogate mother and surrogacy plans in various nations so as you get numerous choices to browse according to your necessities and budget plan
  • The agency further should’ve partnered with a number of IVF centers, lawyers, and donor banks to make your entire journey towards surrogacy as convenient as possible
  • The agency should likewise be providing all the support and medical assistance in the event that you or your partner is facing any kind of trouble during the surrogacy journey.
  • Moreover, the surrogacy agency must serve the best-fit surrogacy plan which ought to go as per your accessible budget plan.
  • You must take a check of the previous history and background of the surrogacy agency you are dealing with, to further confirm their quality of services.

Why Become mother is best for any kind of surrogacy plans or programs?

At Become mother, we are the best surrogacy and IVF consultants around the world that are coming on board with all the required experience and expertise in the same domain. Over the years, we have helped more than thousands of couples on their quest to have a baby of their dreams in their lives.

On the other side, you can always expect the round the clock support from our end at every course of your surrogacy journey.

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