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Even though Surrogacy in Kenya is unregulated, the options here are quite cost effective and this is where most of the International couples come here to pursue their parenthood dreams

Surrogacy in Kenya is highly unregulated and there is no specified law regarding surrogacy in the country. Still, the country is attracting thousands of International couples every year due to its most ethical and affordable surrogacy plans.

Laws regarding surrogacy arrangement in Kenya

Kenya doesn’t come over with any specified legal framework and regulations regarding surrogacy in the country but it still allow every citizen (local or foreign) with a right to form a family within the ethics of the Kenyan culture and society. Now, here is the reason why the country is attracting numerous couples from every part of the globe every year that are allowed to seek a surrogacy program, irrespective of their sexual orientations.

Now, the International couples must note that Kenya is s a homophobic country so you really have to be careful and follow the specified precautionary measures while pursuing surrogacy in the country being an LGBT couple.

Factors to keep in mind while pursuing surrogacy in Kenya
  • Kenya is a Homophobic country so being a gay couple; you are advised to not visit the hospital along with your partner.
  • The Surrogacy and citizenship process for Australians are quite lengthy here due to certain legal restrictions
  • Surrogate mother usually likes to stay with their families during the period and this is where the Intended parents can save some good money
  • As per the Kenya reproductive healthcare bill, the born baby will be having the citizenship of the Intended parents on his/her birth certificate
  • Surrogacy is still new to Kenya so the Intended parents are advised to only deal with the trusted and established surrogacy agencies or consultants
  • For same-sex couples, they must only list the name of one partner in the agreement signed with the surrogate mother in order to keep their sexual orientation secret
  • The plans and programs in regards to surrogacy are highly cost-effective
  • The surrogate mother must be at least 25 years old to qualify for the surrogacy arrangement
  • She then needs to artificially inseminate with the embryos of the intended couples

Claiming the parenthood of the child

As per the current guidelines, the Intended parents would get their name listed on the birth certificate but they still have to file for the legal custody of the born child in the court. This is due to the fact that the surrogate mother would still be the legal mother of the born child and the intended parents need to bring out a parental order to take the baby to their home country.

Surrogacy cost in Kenya

Kenya comes as appeared to be the most sought after surrogacy destination for all the International parents and the cost-effective surrogacy programs can certainly be quoted as the main reason behind the fact. Speaking of the cost, the intended parents can manage a surrogacy arrangement for around $30000 to $38000 inclusive of all related costs and expenses. Moreover, the intended parents can also bring in their own sperm donors, egg donors, and embryos to the country.

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